Asset Allocation and Wealth Planning

When it comes to wealth planning and asset allocation, unfortunately there is no cookie-cutter approach. There are many variables that one has to consider before making a choice or decision on what assets one would want/be able to invest their (sometimes) hard earned...

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I’m a Freelancer Who Wants to Grow My Wealth

Freelancing is tough and we know it. Although the freelancing dream is to have a constant flow of work, this is often not the case. This applies particularly to those of you in the first few years of establishing yourselves, and who might not hold a full time job. It...

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What is Smart Beta?

No idea. Google defines it as “an elusive concept in modern finance.” That makes it crystal clear, doesn’t it? Let’s first start from the very beginning. We know we can invest, and there are two core types of investing styles: active and passive investing. Active...

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#8: Budgeting your Expenses

The agenda for this week is to: Work on making your own budget Establish financial back-ups and security Get started on your financial goals! Why do I need a budget? Budgeting helps you look at your current cash flows as well as plan future cash flows. What you use...

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