Lemons are a part of life

In life, bad and unexpected things often happen that may catch us off-guard.

You might be happily making your way and doing your own thing, when in the next moment, something unexpected happens that you completely did not see coming, pulling the rug out from under your feet.

Such, is simply a reality we need to deal with as part and parcel of life. And of course, the same applies for business as well.

Most times, we may often start out with initial plans and action steps to take. But often, things don’t go our way, and we are forced to go back to the drawing board to reassess the situation and consider what new steps we need to take, as well as how we should put our next best foot forward.

The process can be incredibly painful and frustrating, and it can sometimes reduce you to feeling like a complete failure. How can I do it right this next time to make sure my plans see fruition, and that I am not simply toiling mindlessly?

Worse still, not everyone can understand nor appreciate the reality of the process, especially if they have not been in the same boat before.

Granted, in retrospect, there are many things that could have been done better to have prevented the past obstacle from happening.

However, therein lies the beauty of riding out and adapting to the ever evolving process of trial and error, to finally seeing what works and what does not. It involves taking the first steps into an unknown territory, and being unafraid of impending changes or what is to come. It is about being brave and believing that as you make decisions on a day to day basis, you will and can figure your next way out, even as naysayers are abound, even from those who you thought were your friends.

Just like the #FearlessGirl bronze sculpture on Wall Street, we need to stand up for ourselves and continue to be brave, proud and strong – albeit not belligerent – to show that no dream is too big and no ceiling is too high for us to achieve.

Wonder Women and Comeback Queens

There are many such women out there who have pushed themselves up from the bottom, and they continue to inspire us on our journey to this day.

One great example would be Lady Gaga who was bullied all through high school and college, and even had a Facebook group from schoolmates that was titled, “You will never be famous”. Yet today, she has become one of the most celebrated female singers, with dozens of acclaimed awards under her belt.

Another is Madonna, who many can criticise as being outrageously “annoying” and scandalous. However, it is still incredible how she is still going strong in the showbiz and entertainment business for over three decades, in her fifties and now into her sixties, coming back again and again even after all these years. Her success lies in her adaptable nature to constantly reinvent herself and her resilience after all this while – not only is she unafraid to change her style and fashion, she also pursue other talents.

In the area of business, luxury brand Gucci has also made a comeback in recent times, following a decade of decline in popularity, as they actively switched up to creating newer, more eclectic designs, as well as moving to having a greater online presence to ride on the resurgence in the 90s style amongst teens these days. These efforts have seen tremendous success, with the company seeing close to 50% same sales store growth in 2017 and 2018, and with Gucci now becoming a top teen brand.  

These wonder women and brands show us one thing, that you don’t become that successful without learning how to stand up for yourself and brushing yourself up after each fall, while having the chutzpah to continue going at it even when the whole world tells you that it is a bad idea.

More so for small businesses

This is all the more important and apparent for small businesses, as there is that much more for us to prove to others and evolve in order to succeed, especially in a time when times and conditions are changing ever so rapidly.

We will need to keep listening to the market and adapting to the developments and changes, because it is ultimately about what we can do for you all out there, and not for our own self-glory.

Not everyone is going to love you

A quote we came across that is extremely telling and apt for this message is, “Not everyone is going to love you. Some don’t even love themselves.”

We won’t be able to please everyone all the time because we make mistakes and are trying to learn from it as well.

As for female entrepreneurs like you and I, as much as we hate to admit it, there are many more challenges and hurdles in the startup world that we need to face and overcome simply because of our gender. All the more do we need to work together in supporting and lifting one another up, so that we can work towards recreating a world that would allow us to thrive in.

So yes keep strong and keep going, even when it seems like you don’t know how to, and even when the whole world tells you not to.

And more importantly, when the whole world tries to bring you down, we, as women, need to rise up and support other women,

From the ashes, we shall rise again.

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