Who is Miss Kaya?

She could be the girl who just graduated and secretly stressing out on how to “adult’, the corporate working mother on a 9 to 5 job for the future of her little ones, or the hustler who took the leap off the corporate ladder to grow her own business.

Regardless, Miss Kaya refuses to settle and coast through life for deep down in her gut, she knows she is meant for a great, meaningful and fulfilling life. She is a global explorer and unafraid to jump at the opportunity to say “Yes” to new things even if it scares her initially. She does not take life too seriously either – for it takes out all the fun of living a great life, no?

The world is not always easy but Miss Kaya works daily on what she wants to do and has learnt that with patience, persistence, and a willing heart, she can move towards her ideal life. Baby steps are the way to go!

Are you Miss Kaya?


Our Vision

Your Forever #BFF

Our Mission

To empower and share with the modern woman globally the support, resources, and community she needs to fulfill the lifestyle of her dreams

Our Story

Miss Kaya was made for you, the modern woman, who strives to live out the best of her life every day.

This generation of women faces the liberating but daunting freedom of managing our lives and finances independently. It’s so exciting and opportunities are boundless. We can finally take charge of our lives and live how we want to! Yet, these dreams are often buried under the realities of everyday life, and seem so lofty and far away. How could we reach them and live the lifestyle we have always wanted to?

There’s obviously a gap between our dreams and reality, and Miss Kaya was born out of this need. Our experience has led us to believe that achieving financial consciousness and independence is at the root of living out the life you’ve always wanted, and we want to share this important message with you. We are here together with you to live wealthy, healthy, happy, and… really ready to kick some ass in this crazy journey called life! 


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